Address Service for 49 Euro per month

  • A representative address
  • Use for external presentation
  • Weekly mail forwarding
  • Cannot be used as company headquarter (e.g. commercial register, business registration)

Business Address Service for 69 Euro per months

  • A representative address
  • Use for external presentation
  • Weekly mail forwarding
  • Use as company headquarters (e.g. commercial register, business registration)

Telephone Services starting from 24 Euro/month

  • Telephone and/or fax number with local area code
  • Incoming calls are forwarded to a number of your choice
  • Forward incoming faxes by e-mail

Additional Services

Setting up a business in Germany can be difficult if you do not speak the language and do not know how to get through the bureaucracy. We can help with that.

  • Guide you through the process of incorporation
  • Consulting services to get started in the German market
  • Translate and explain incoming letters
  • Connect you with the right partner, e.g. lawyer, tax accountant

More trust through customer proximity

Present your online shop via a renowned address in a major German city. Perhaps you are selling from abroad and are interested in a German location?

Especially for online sellers on Amazon or eBay, the virtual business address has a sales-increasing effect, because a physical business with a publicly effective address may not yet have been established by you. But also small regional shops from the surrounding area or young international online shops can show size with the business address and set up a central location.

Increase customer satisfaction with a German revocation address. This additional customer service creates more sales through increased trust and can also reduce the receipt of negative ratings.

Online presence

Your own website with a professionally separated address in the imprint (legally required by German law when addressing German customers).

So far you have been hesitant to create an online presence because you could not answer the question about the address in the imprint?

Ausus Office Services not only creates your first web presence, but also provides the address information. So you can protect your privacy and still enjoy the new media.

If you are interested or have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you via email.

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