What is the address?
We do not publish our business addresses for reasons of discretion. This has the advantage, that it cannot easily be identified that our customers are using a virtual business address.

Can mail be sent to the virtual address? What happens to it?
Incoming mail is forwarded via post/mail.

Will my mail be opened and scanned?
Only if the customer speficillay instructs us to do so. Otherweise mail will not be opened and the privacy of the correspondence is guaranteed.

Can I pick up my mail personally?
Only in exceptional cases.

Apart from an address, do you offer a telephone number?
We do offer our customers one or several telephone numbers. Incoming calls are forwarded to a number by your choice. Call forwarding to a German landline are included. Call forwarding to a German mobile phone number or to international numbers are also possible.

How much is a telephone number?
One telephone number with a local area code is 24 € net per month.

Is a fax number available?
We do offer our customers a fax number. Incoming faxes are forwarded via email.

How much is a virtual address?
The cost of a virtual address starts at 49 € net per month. If you want to use the adress to register a business, the price is 69 € net per month.

How long does the contract last and what is the notice period?
All our contracts are unlimited. The notice period is usually 3 months and the minimum contract duration is 12 months. A shorter duration can be agreed upon request.

When can the contract start?
The service contract can start any day.

Do I have to leave a deposit?
No. However, by paying in advance we offer some discounts (6 months = 5% and 12 months = 10%).

When and how can the monthly fee be paid?
The service fee is due monthly until the third working day of the month payable by bank transfer.

What documents are necessary for the contract conclusion?
We require a copy of your passport and if applicable a copy of the business registration or certificate of registration.

What do I do if my question has not been answered?
Please contact us via email.

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